at HBKU!

This year, we have designed an immersive orientation experience to help you make a smooth transition to life on campus and familiarize yourself with our programs, services, and campus resources.

Our online orientation consists of 12 chapters and is a self-paced program accessible through your HBKU Credentials. Each chapter consists of valuable information on student life at HBKU.

  1. 1. Welcome Message
  2. 2. Meet Dr. Michael (HBKU Provost)
  3. 3. University Technology Services
  4. 4. Registrar Services
  5. 5. Library Services
  6. 6. Student Affairs
  1. 7. Musharaka Walkthrough
  2. 8. HBKU Community: Dignity & Respect
  3. 9. Student Safety on Campus
  4. 10. Innovation Center
  5. 11. Translation & Interpreting Institute
  6. 12. Additional Student Services

You have the freedom to complete each chapter on your own either by watching the video or reading the material. It is a great introduction to HBKU and the surrounding community. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with HBKU’s services and resources.

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What’s Next?

Once you have viewed the chapters, here are a few more things to do:

  1. Register for your program’s advising session.
  2. Apply for My Badge (Student ID).
  3. Attend Qatar Foundation’s Marhaba Event for New Students on 13th August.
  4. Save the Student Handbook on your device for your reference.
  5. Take a survey and tell us your thoughts and win a prize!
  6. Collect your orientation gift pack starting from 20th August at Office B.10, Minaretein Ground Floor

Meet Your Leadership

Slide Dr Ahmad
M. Hasnah
Dr. Ahmad Hasnah is the President of HBKU, a member of Qatar Foundation (QF). Since joining QF in 2002, Dr. Hasnah has played a key role in developing the unique Education City model through helping forge partnerships with leading academic institutions such as Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon, and Georgetown. He has also been instrumental in establishing HBKU as a fast-growing research university. Read more PRESIDENT
Slide Dr. Michael
J. Benedik
Dr. Benedik brings a wealth of over 30 years in academic leadership experience to HBKU. Most recently, he has held the roles of Vice Provost and Chief International Officer for Texas A&M University, where he served as an advisor to the Provost and President, providing guidance for campus-wide initiatives in concert with university and college leadership. Read more Provost
Slide Dr. Maryam
Hamad Al-Mannai
Dr. Maryam Hamad Al-Mannai is the Vice President for Student Affairs at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU). She is well regarded in educational circles and possesses a well-documented record of leadership in all key areas of student affairs. Read more VICE PRESIDENT OF STUDENT AFFAIRS

Dr. Recep Şentürk

Dean, College of Islamic Studies

Dr. Hassan Hakimian

Acting Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Mounir Hamdi

Founding Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Susan L. Karamanian

Dean, College of Law

Dr. Markus Wenk

Dean, College of Health and Life Sciences

Dr. Leslie A. Pal

Founding Dean, College of Public Policy

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